Welcome to the part of FistfulofJokes.com where we lift the curtain and reveal the man behind the machine, or in this case, the disclosures behind our humor factory. We know it’s not as fun as a well-crafted knock-knock joke, but hey, even the class clown has to get serious sometimes.

1. Google AdSense

We use Google AdSense to display ads on our site. That’s right, those ads you see are not just figments of your imagination, nor are they part of our comedic performance. Google uses its own algorithm (which is not a joke we invented) to display ads based on your browsing history and your site visits.

2. Affiliate Programs

Sometimes, we’ll sprinkle in affiliate links like a comedian sprinkles punchlines. These are links to products or services that we recommend. If you click on these links and make a purchase, we earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. It’s like buying a joke book and giving the comedian a small tip for the laughs.

3. Sponsored Content

Every now and then, we may post sponsored content. This content is not an unplanned improvisation, but something that an advertiser has paid us to share. We promise to always make it clear when content is sponsored, just like we promise to always deliver a good punchline.

4. Product Reviews

If we review a product, it’s because we genuinely think it’s good (or bad) enough to comment on. Our opinions are our own, and no amount of free whoopee cushions can change that. If we’ve been paid or received the product for free, we’ll always disclose that.

By using FistfulofJokes.com, you acknowledge and accept these disclosures. So, don that red nose, adjust your clown shoes, and get ready to dive back into the laughter!

Remember, transparency may not be funny, but it’s always important. And now, we return to our regularly scheduled programming of jokes, puns, and general hilarity.